IFRS-VBox Functions and Features

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IFRS-VBox is our flagship solution for data management, valuation and accounting according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The package consists of the following functional modules:

  1. Cash flow engine: rolls out cash flow schedules for financial instruments
  2. Effective Interest Rate module: calculates EIR and amortization from cash flow schedule
  3. Impairment manager: calculates impairment and interest unwinding
  4. Fair Value module: Fair Value measurement for Accounting and Disclosures
  5. Accounting engine: generates Debit/Credit entries and account balances
  6. Report builder: compiles financial statements and reports

These modules are independent from each other. The bank poays only the package being necessary to cover its portfolio of instruments and IFRS requirements.

iFRS-VBox functional modules