Technical Requirements

graphic of the iFRS-VBox IT architecture

iFRS-VBox is implemented directly with the industry standard J2EE technology. The development relies on established open source components. This technology provides you with several advantages:

  • Mature and proven stable technology
  • Platform and database independence
  • Transparent scalability
  • Simple roll-out and maintenance procedure

Hardware Requirements

Based on the experience from other projects, the recommended hardware is a single PC or a small Server with:

  • CPU: 4 or 6 Cores
  • RAM: 8 Gbyte
  • Storage: 50 Gbyte

We recommend to start the implementation project on any existing PC and to migrate to the final Hardware at the end of the project. It is not necessary to install a dedicated server.

Virtualization Technique (e.g. VMWare or VirtualBox) is supported.

We require however a JAVA Runtime environment Version 1.6 or better.

Operating System and Database

No special requirements on the Operating System. We support any Windows, Linux or BSD, as long as JAVA Runtime Environment 1.6 or better is supported.

We also integrate into various Relational Database Systems (RDBMS) like Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server etc., as long as JDBC drivers are available. In case the bank does not provide an existing Database, we will provide our own high performance RDBMS (PostgreSQL or H2).

System Architecture iFRS-VBox

We will require:

  • Read-Only Access to the Source Databases for spooling data on instruments and market data (e.g. yield curves, market prices)
  • Writing-Access for exporting the results (in case of direct export to the database)

Furthermore we will need access to your internal network for the time of implementation. Providing Remote Access through secured protocols like VPN, VNC or Teamviewer will help to speed up the implementation and simplifies discussion and support also after going life.

Required Third Party Components

None, the software includes all necessary components. Unlike most of our competitors, our offering is feature-complete. The following table summarizes a typical installation of iFRS-VBox, compared to another international software vendor.

Feature-complete iFRS-VBox