ETL-VBox Functions and Features

ETLBox teaser

The integrated ETL module is the backbone of the VBox Software Suite. Designed for high performance processing of large data volume, it connects the bank's data sources with our calculation and reporting engines and orchestrates the processing steps.

Main features:

  • Mapping Wizards – for simple transfer of data tables and query results
  • Interoperability – connecting Oracle Databases with MS SQL Server, Sybase, IBM DB2, SAP DB, PostreSQL and more
  • File Import and Export – from Microsoft Excel, CSV or ASCII Flat Files, XML/HTML Web Resources
  • Scriptable – per Groovy, Ruby, Python, Closure, Scala, Renjin
  • Dependency resolution – parallel execution and error handling of modules
  • Command Line Support – starting the execution as CRON-job or interactively via the User Intface

Technical performance

Developed in pure Java and free of bloat and complex abstraction layers, the ETL Tool has shown superior performance at banks worldwide, including at banks processing large portfolios of retail instruments (loans, deposits,...). The table below demonstrates the performance of the iFRS-VBox ETL compared to the similar tool of an established international IFRS software vendor. The tests are performed on the same real portfolio of a large bank consisting of about about 1.000.000 loans.

ETL Tool Provider Installation #CPUs RAM Time elapsed
manticore-projects Virtual machine on a PC 4 with 2.4GhZ 8GB 1 min 29 sec
Other International Software Vendor Native installation on a dedicated server 24 with 3GhZ 48GB 124 min 15 sec


The ETL Tool can be used in one of the following ways

  1. Component of iFRS-VBox and/or Risk-VBox
  2. Stand-alone tool for the IT department of the bank
  3. Add-on to other IFRS, ALM or risk systems (native adaptor to Fernbach's FlexFinance included)