Implementation Strategy and Project Approach

Implementation of the software solution affects many departments in the bank's organization: from the Accounting or Risk Department, over the Business, to IT. Therefore implementation is a complex, multidisciplinary project that – to succeed – requires superb subject matter knowledge, strong experience, and project management expertise.

At manticore-projects we understand that our customer would like to implement the IFRS or Basel II one time only, and not to reinvent the wheel. It is a common experience, that purchasing a license for a powerful software package is just one element of the whole process, while the customers are interested in complete, working solutions.

We have done many IFRS and Basel II implementations in 20+ countries on 3 continents, and overcame many practical challenges. Our software solutions have been designed as a result of this real life experience. This ensures that the integration with the existing Bank’s infrastructure and business work flows is as smooth as possible.

manticore-projects implementation of financial reporting standards experience

During the implementation project you will be serviced by a team of highly experienced consultants. It will be our pleasure to guide you through the project safely and to share our knowledge. Focused on efficiency we have the compliance and the accuracy in our mind but also look at the total costs and the mitigation of any project risk.

Applying the Ready-Set-Go implementation strategy the Bank can access a feature complete, working software immediately without any risk. Ensuring quick learning and good understanding the project can focus on high quality and reliable integration of the software.

Our references prove the success of our approach. Please follow our website to learn how to benefit from that performance.