manticore-projects® Implementation Guide

manticore-projects® Ready-Set-Go is a unique implementation methodology for a fast and secure project. Multiyear of our team in implementing IFRS and Basel II are gathered into predefined templates. In addition to a powerful software package we will provide you with our knowledge and experience and guide you safely through the challenges of the project.

Ready Set Go

The implementation strategy consists of three main phases and aims at early availability of a fully functional predefined software package, which covers all major business cases immediately.


  • Implement IFRS / Basel II in less than 3 months
  • Minimize project risk and optimize Return on Investment


  • Immediate Installation and configuration, fully independent of hardware, platform, OS
  • Delivery of a full functional pre-configured package
  • Predefined configuration and ready samples for reference
  • System Integration and Data Interfacing on-site
manticore-projects Ready Set Go Scheme

Mapping Phase

Within the mapping phase the manticore-projects consultants will map the Bank's requirements and business cases against manticore-projects's standard functionality and assign the necessary modules and solutions. This step includes the assessment of the individual configuration keys ("Dictionaries").

The goal of the phase is to define a sample, representative portfolio which will be used as reference when implementing the software. The portfolio can consist either of contracts prepared based on client’s chosen deals or provided by the manticore-projects team. Having a sample set of deals eases and accelerates further implementation steps.

Fitting Phase

Using the results of the Mapping Phase, the manticore-projects team will set up a functionally complete environment. This reference environment and its results will be presented to the your team providing a comfortable time-frame for analysis and validation in detail. In parallel it will be used for training and demonstration purposes. At the end of this second project phase the Bank owns already a functional complete, pre-configured solution which can be used for valuation and reporting.

Integration Phase

After the definition of the reference portfolio and the conclusion on the configuration the project team knows exactly which data needs to be sourced from where. Now the implementation of the input- and output data interfaces can be completed. During this stage, all data-gaps will be bridged, based on the experience and advise of the manticore-projects team.

Optimization and Stay connected

At the end of the project the Bank can fulfil its regulatory reporting but also has a valuable pool of data enabling understanding the risk and performance of its portfolios. We believe in providing added value beyond the formal mandatory requirements and provide our customers with our manticore-projects®Stay connected support. Under this program we will show how to establish optimized business processed based on manticore-projects® database.