Support Program

manticore-projects "Stay Connected" program is the maintenance and update program after going-live. It ensures that our client:

  • learns how to create even more added value from the solution
  • gets immediate response on his questions
  • stays informed on changes and development
  • has access to examples from best practice
  • stays informed on latest manticore-projects upgrades

The program also provides access to library of latest functional and technical documentation.

Communication channels

In order to provide client instantly with answer and material there are four communication channels:

manticore-projects Hotline manticore-projects Issue Tracker manticore-projects Communication channels
manticore-projects Newsletter manticore-projects Library

Depending on the situation our clients can decide which channel suits best.

Remote support

At manticore-projects we understand that good documentation is necessary but sometime not sufficient to support our clients. So we provide instant response and additional help through manticore-projects remote support program.

manticore-projects "Stay Connected" includes:

  • Secure remote connections (VPN, One-Time-Access) manticore-projects consultants can connect directly to the application and analyze and fix issues (data delivery, configuration)
  • Application snapshots (data and configuration) the client deliver detailed data for analysis and issue reproduction
  • In Web conferences (e.g. WebEx, VNC, Teamviever) and Video tutorials manticore-projects consultants explain analysis and configuration and address directly client's concerns.


Whenever remote support is not efficient, manticore-projects consultants will support on site:

  • Installation and configuration
  • Training and certification
  • Discussion with client's auditor
  • Business and management events

Training and certification

The manticore-projects Training program includes

  • Knowledge of the IFRS and Basel regulations
  • Best practice approach to overcome challenges, like bridging data-gaps
  • Configuration and usage of the application
  • Data interfacing
  • Business process optimization

Additionally we offer the manticore-projects certification process which

  • Ensures that the client can handle application self-sufficient and independent from vendor and
  • Minimizes the organizational risk from the business process.