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Our VBox Software Suite is a solution for Automated Financial Reporting and Risk Controlling, which includes sophisticated Calculation and Valuation Engines. It enables our clients to not only achieve seamless regulatory compliance with International Reporting and Risk Management Standards, but also provides added value by visualizing Profitability and Capital Allocation Efficiency which sets the foundation for unbiased, data-driven decision taking in a bank or insurance company.

  • IFRS – Financial Accounting and Reporting, including accurate Valuation of financial instruments and comprehensive Impairment measurement under both IAS 32/39 (incurred losses) and IFRS 9 (expected losses).
  • RISK/ICAAP – Analysis and reporting of expected and unexpected losses and capital requirements under the Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Standards commonly known as Basel II/III.
  • Profitability (FTP) – Analysis of Return on Equity and other risk-adjusted performance measures, showing outperforming or under-performing financial contracts or portfolios.
  • Asset-Liability Management (ALM) – Analysis of liquidity measures, showing possible risks and necessary activities on funding (or re-investing).
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The packages are backed by our worldwide network of experts in finance, risk management, accounting, project management and information technology. Follow the sites and learn, how manticore-projects can solve your financial and risk related reporting requirements at best price and low project risk.