Software for automatic Financial Reporting

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Our financial software is the next generation, high performance solution for IFRS and Basel II/III for banks, financial houses and insurance companies. Developed purely in Java, it handles data management, valuation, accounting, risk measurement and reporting. It addresses efficiently large portfolios of Loans, Savings and Debt-Securities. Cleanly designed based on our superior IFRS and risk management knowledge and worldwide project experience, the software fully matches the established industry best-practices. Free of any legacy or ballast, it's simple to install, easy to configure and straightforward to operate. It yields the required regulatory reporting quickly and at the lowest total project cost possible.

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The packages are backed by our worldwide network of experts in finance, risk management, accounting, project management and information technology. Follow the sites and learn, how manticore-projects can solve your financial and risk related reporting requirements at best price and low project risk.