VBox Financial Reporting Suite

Software for automated Valuation, Accounting, Credit Risk and Financial Reporting. Accurate and standard compliant with IFRS 9, IFRS 16, IFRS 17 and Basel II+III. High performance and capable to handle large portfolios (e.g. more than 10 Million accounts).

Solution Features

  • Cash Flow Schedules

  • Credit Risk Modelling and Provisioning (Probability of Default, Recovery, Credit Conversion, Pre-Payment)

  • Effective Interest Rate and Amortised Cost

  • Fair Valuation Techniques

  • General Ledger

  • Financial and Regulatory Reporting

  • Stress-Testing and Forecast/Simulation (“What if …”)

Instruments and Contracts

  • Loans

  • Current Accounts and Overdrafts

  • Bonds, Bills, Takings

  • Credit Cards

  • Contingent Instruments (e.g. Letters of Credit, Financial Guarantees)

  • Insurance and Re-Insurance Contracts

  • Financial Leases

  • Saving Accounts

  • Term Deposits and Placements

  • Own Issues and Debentures/Borrowings

System Architecture

  • Java Software Stack

  • High Performance and Transparent Scaling (from 1 to 128 CPU Cores)

  • Compatible to all major RDBMS (e.g. Oracle, MS SQL Server, Postgres)

  • AJAX Web Application UI and Native Application UI

  • Cloud/SaaS ready

  • Free of Third Party Royalties