Built primarily by Dave Snider for use on his web sites. Here be documentation for the poor souls that have to work with him and wonder why he doesn’t just use bootstrap.

Wyrm is a small library of Bourbon powered SASS files meant for use in minimalistic Document and Form heavy sites. It was primarily built for Webhook but can also be found in use on Read the Docs sphinx theme among other places.


Wyrm is best installed through bower and is updated regularly.

bower install wyrm

By default, Wyrm installs Font Awesome setting the $icon-prefix to FA’s default of fa. You’ll want to use Grunt or some other method to copy the font files to your font folder in your project. Wyrm by default assumes that it is ../fonts/ relative to your css, but this variable can be changed with $fa-font-path. You can use any font icons though, and all icons actually used in Wyrm itself are set as variables in the _wy_variables.sass files.

Things to know

  1. Uses indented Sass style because it’s awesome.

  2. $base-line-height is the magic number used for calculations across wyrm. $gutter is it’s em based cousin usefual for grids.

  3. Because $gutter is an em value, I’ve included an em() mixin for converting pixels to ems should you need to make calculations with the two.

  4. Vertical margin is only applied to the bottom of elements, not spread top/bottom like other frameworks. It is always some multiple of $base-line-height

Wyrm core / add-on structure

Files that you’ll likely want to install are in /wyrm_core/ and you can handly call all of them using the _wyrm_core.sass file. Alternatively, I’ve built a whole lot of addons, located in /wym_addons/, which you can plug and play into wyrm as you need. Most of them are documented here. To install core + plus all the addons, there’s a handy _wyrm_all.sass file, though honestly you’ll prolly just make your own document at that point.